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Discovering the Power of Networking Connections

By Chaya Pamula, CEO, PamTen June 20, 2018


You hear that word so often in business. People are looking to build their networks, they go to networking events; they scour certain social media to grow their network. The problem is that just expanding your network alone isn’t really going to help you or your business.

True networking is not about selling. It’s about discovery. It’s about looking for others that you have something in common with and beginning to build a relationship. People want to work and do business with others that they know, like, and trust.

Just meeting people and getting introductions is only part of the process. Running through an event, handing out business cards doesn’t accomplish a true introduction. Let’s be honest, so many of us put those cards in a stack when we get back to...

The Three R’s Plaguing Chambers of Commerce and Our Resolution

By Joanne November 28, 2017

Chambers of Commerce are vital to thriving business communities. However, there are consistent key issues that have plagued Chambers from the beginning of their existence. Now, with the internet and social media, these same issues have become herculean. Recruitment, Retention, and non-dues Revenue are the golden goals for all chambers of commerce, and for all business associations.

Events are the bloodline of Chambers. They are non-dues revenue generators and a venue for members to meet prospects in person. Although they are a centerpiece, very few reach their potential for a number of reasons. The networking is usually a sales pitch frenzy, with a majority of the room leaving with pockets filled with business cards they will never address. Most of the attendees are there to meet "buyers" of their product. Most do not know who these fellow targets are and pounce around the room sporadically hoping to land on an interested...

Find Success, Not Stress, In Your Events

By Joanne May 11, 2017

Life has too much stress already, having to plan an event shouldn’t add to the stress. The key to being a successful event organizer is to be… organized. As Melanie Woodward, Event Planning Expert, once wrote, “Planning an event can be pure chaos if you don’t have good tools to help keep track of the details”. Our mission with ConnectPro Global is to take the headache out of event management by bringing all the information into one place. With ConnectPro Global, all those assorted spreadsheets and different applications for all your event information are a thing of the past...


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